Frequently Asked Questions
BC200 Bike Computer
What is the night setting of BC200?
Make viewing the screen more comfortable at night by adjusting the screen font and page color.
What is the positioning system of BC200?

BC200 supports GPS+BDS+GLONASS positioning.

What are the storage size and storage format of the BC200?
BC200 has a storage space of 16M and can continuously record 100 hours of exercise data at least. The motion tracking is stored in the format of .fit file type, which is a commonly used storage type of motion records and can be shared with friends through the APP.
What languages does BC200 support?
Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Dutch...
The specific language depends on different firmware versions.
If you want to add other languages, please email
What is the altitude description of BC200?
Altitude display: After each boot, the altitude will display "- - -". After GPS positioning, the altitude sampling data difference within 30 seconds is within 5 meters, and the computer interface displays the altitude value.
You can click "Altitude Setting" in the settings for altitude calibration.
What is the calorie accuracy statement?
1. The calorie data is related to the individual's gender, height, weight, heart rate data, etc. Please compare with the same settings. If in doubt, please provide two different recorded data of the same movement at the same time for comparison. We will give feedback to professional engineers to analyze and optimize the calorie algorithm together.
2. Calorie calculation priority, power sensor data -> heart rate data -> speed data
What is the temperature description of BC200?
The refresh of the temperature sensor in the machine is not so timely, and it needs to stay in a certain environment for more than 15~30 minutes to get close to the real environment.
Theoretically, it will be close to the outdoor temperature after 3 hours. If the outdoor temperature itself continues to change, then the internal temperature of the stopwatch cannot keep up with the change.
What is the memory description of BC200?
When the memory is full, new records will overwrite the earliest old records, and so on. For better data preservation, you can synchronize the riding records in the APP: CoospoRide. After confirming that the data synchronization is successful, you can delete the old records that have been successfully synchronized.
What is the battery type, wattage, charge time and run time of BC200?
The BC200 uses a 1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which takes 3 hours to fully charge and supports 36 hours of GPS battery life.
What is the maximum mileage data supported by BC200?
BC200 has two places to display the total mileage.
On the riding record page, the entire row of data panes can display 999999, and the partial row of data panes can display 99999 (the latest version of the firmware).
is BC200 Waterproof?
The waterproof level of BC200 is IPX7, and it can be used in the rain when the protective rubber cover on the back is tightly closed, but if the rain is heavy, it is recommended that you take it off and put it in a waterproof bag.
Can the BC200 navigate?
Sorry, this model does not have navigation. BC200 Pro has a navigation function.
Can the BC200 be used with an electric bicycle?
Outdoor riding: It is recommended to use GPS as the data source (default), and it is not recommended to connect to the speed/cadence sensor (the electric vehicle may be magnetic, which may interfere with the data accuracy of the device, and the specific situation depends on the different configurations and structures of the bicycle)
Indoor Cycling: Not recommended, sensor data may be disturbed.
Does the BC200 support an automatic backlight?
Automatic backlight is based on the ambient light intensity, automatically switch the backlight.
You can also choose the corresponding backlight mode in the setting.
Does the BC200 support connecting a cadence sensor, speed sensor, heart rate sensor, or power meter?
Yes, BC200 supports connecting Bluetooth or ant+ sensors. Heart rate; speed; cadence; speed cadence two-in-one; power meter sensor can be connected at the same time.
Does BC200 have an auto-stop option if you don't want to calculate breaks for average speed?
Yes. You can choose whether to enable auto-pause in the bike computer settings.
Does the BC200 device use ANT+ and Bluetooth? Or just ant+?
This device supports the use of the Bluetooth connection APP: CoospoRide to view route records and device stopwatches.
Support multiple sensors connected via Bluetooth and ant+.
If I already have a Garmin sensor on my bike. Can BC200 interface with them?
Yes, we use standard Bluetooth and ant+ transmission protocols and theoretically support various brands of Bluetooth and ant+ sensors. Such as speed sensors, cadence sensors, speed cadence two-in-one sensors, heart rate sensors, and power sensors.
How to reset the BC200 device?
Method 1: Connect to the APP: You can connect to the APP: CoospoRide, and click "Restore Factory Settings" in the computer settings. Please note that after the device is restored to factory settings, the data records of the original device will be cleared and cannot be retrieved.
Method 2: Select "Restore Factory Settings" in the settings of the bicycle computer. Please note that after the device is restored to factory settings, the data records of the original device will be clear.
How to upgrade the firmware of BC200?
Connect APP: CoospoRide, click on the "More" page, select "Bike Settings" to bind the device, and click "Check for Updates". If there is a newer firmware version, the APP will automatically upgrade the computer firmware.
Connect to a personal computer: connect the bicycle computer to the personal computer through a USB data cable, copy the firmware upgrade file to the "upgrade" folder in the bicycle computer, unplug the data cable, and the bicycle computer will automatically upgrade.
How does BC200 view the saved activity records?
You can view the data records on the device's exercise record page,
You can also connect to the APP: CoospoRide Click the "Connected" or "Sync Record" button in the upper right corner of the home page to enter the stopwatch data page to synchronize the ride record.
How to set ODO on BC200?
Method 1: Please connect the bicycle computer to the APP: CoospoRide, and change this setting in the APP's "Bicycle Computer Settings" --> "Total Mileage".
Method 2: In the [Bicycle] setting of the bicycle computer, set the corresponding total mileage.
How do I set the correct wheel diameter circumference on BC200?
Please see the wheel circumference reference table

How to set the wheel diameter, if not in the reference table: Google the size of the tire, or measure it with a ruler.
How to set the language on BC200?
Press the up and down keys on the left side of the device, select the hexagonal setting button in the lower right corner, enter the setting page, select the language setting in the penultimate column, click to enter the language setting, and select the corresponding language.
How does BC200 connect to GPS?
1. Before use, please make sure that the GPS mode of the device is turned on. (GPS mode can be manually selected in the device)

2. Go outside in an open environment. In most cases, the search time is 15~90 seconds. Please keep still and do not move when searching for stars, which will help shorten the time for searching for stars. After successful star search, please stop and start riding again.
How does the BC200 start up?
Press the lower left button of the device to turn it on, no need to press it for a long time.
How does the BC200 new device get the time?
Method 1: When you use it for the first time, you can automatically synchronize the time by connecting to the App: CoospoRide.
Method 2: The stopwatch will automatically search for GPS after it is turned on, and the device will automatically calibrate the time after obtaining GPS positioning (if the time is not accurate, please set the corresponding time zone).
How to set your time zone on BC200?
You can Google the time zone where you are located. If it is daylight saving time, please set UTC+1 on the basis of the local time zone.
After starting up, press the up or down button on the left side of the device to the [Settings] box, click the upper right "OK" button on the [Settings] page, press the up or down button to the {time setting} column, and click the upper right "OK" button to enter Settings, select the corresponding time unit and time zone.
How does BC200 read your heart rate?
You will need a heart rate sensor, either the type around the chest or the type on the forearm. After the heart rate sensor is worn, it can read the Ant+ or Bluetooth signal of the device on the peripheral sensor connection page. Select the corresponding sensor to be connected, and after the connection is successful, click Start Motion to see the corresponding sensor value.
How to calibrate power on BC200?
1. In case there is a problem with the firmware, you can upgrade to the latest version of the firmware first
2. For power calibration, the power device needs to be bound, and the device is running normally. Do the following: enter the riding interface, check whether there is power data, and if there is power data, start power calibration.
3. Select the "Calibration" option in the sensor connector of the device, and follow the prompts in the device to easily calibrate the power sensor.
The BC200 connected sensor is the data display priority?
Speed value display priority: ´╝łdefault´╝ëspeed cadence 2-in-1 sensor > speed sensor > GPS, configurable
Cadence value display priority: power meter > speed cadence 2-in-1 sensor > cadence sensor
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