Bicycle speed / rhythm sensor - BK8

Tracking Cycling Speed, Cadence and Distance
Help You to Maintain Your Own Pedaling Rate

BK8 Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ Cycling Speed & Cadence Sensor
Measure your cycling speed, cadence and distance data and wireless transfer to your favorite application on your smartphone, cycle computer, or cycle watch.

Bicycle speed / rhythm sensor - BK8

Why Do People Use Cadence Sensor While Riding?

Cadence is important for riders who want to maximize workout results.
Adjust and maintain your goal RPMs to get more scientific cycling training.
Help riders have a better energy output power rate.

Bicycle speed / rhythm sensor - BK8

Lower and unstable output power and muscle relaxation will waste energy
Rider body will lose energy to overcome the internal resistance of the muscle when pedaling too fast.
Suitable RPM can avoid injury and energy loss.

Bicycle speed / rhythm sensor - BK8

Both Blurtooth4.0 and ANT+ capabilities allow for a wireless connection to both smartphones and cycle computer or cycle watch at the same time or separately.
Real-time track and record your cycling data, experience a new, intelligent bike riding.

Bicycle speed / rhythm sensor - BK8

Combined Speed and Cadence Sensor

Bicycle speed / rhythm sensor - BK8

Waterproof IP67 Level

Rain or shine, I ride my bike

Bicycle speed / rhythm sensor - BK8

Scientific Anti-shock Design, Riding Anywhere You Like.

Bicycle speed / rhythm sensor - BK8

Learn Your Riding Data to Get Effective Exercise

BK8 Let You Know More About Your Riding Data and Find Out What is The Most Efficient Way to Cycling.

Bicycle speed / rhythm sensor - BK8


BK8 Can Connect to CooSpo official App and Most Popular Fitness Apps,
Like Wahoo, Strava, MapMyRide, IpBike, allowing you to train with your favorite App.


Data Transmission:

Transmission Distance:


Bluetooth4.0 &ANT+

Bluetooth4.0: 10m; ANT+: 6m


Battery Capacity:

Battery Type:

Water Proof:




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